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Online Virtual Networking Lab

  • An Open Source project to create an online lab environment for networking students.
  • ACEITLab provides Students the ability to create, configure, and control remote virtual resources such as VMs, Networks, Volumes, and Snapshots.
  • Although this project is aimed at BYOD users and 'cross-browser' support has been embraced as a necessary element of that, we still recommend Google's Chrome web browser for the most tested and supported experience.
  • Students should ask their Professor for an account.


Platform Upgrade

  • Most system infrastructure was updated during the break between Summer and Winter semesters.
  • Physical chassis and nodes, storage plane, and the network stack have received latest firmware with only slight modifications to higher level functions.
  • The Service Host and all Virt Farm Hosts now run on Fedora 34 Server Edition to support the latest advances in QEMU/KVM, Libvirt and Guacamole.
  • As previously mentioned, the Web Server stack had already been updated and now the Guacamole stack reaches the same milestone.
  • Time ran out for the DB Server which will receive much needed attention during the Winter semester and will be scheduled for its own upgrade over the Winter Break.
  • As with all major upgrades, some issues were encountered and resolved, others remain, and yet more are likely to surface with use. If you find a bug, or a feature that does not work, let me know by email.


Web Server Update

  • The web server's platform has been updated. All components are now fully refreshed and have all available security patches and updates.
  • The application UI remains the same, but the underlying elements of the stack offer better security, improved performance, and greater stability.
  • Any and all bug reports should be mailed directly to me here.