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Online Virtual Networking Lab

  • An Open Source project to create an online lab environment for networking students.
  • ACEITLab provides Students the ability to create, configure, and control remote virtual resources such as VMs, Networks, Volumes, and Snapshots.
  • Although this project is aimed at BYOD users and 'cross-browser' support has been embraced as a necessary element of that, we still recommend Google's Chrome web browser for the most tested and supported experience.
  • Students should ask their Professor for an account.


  • 09/10/2020 - Chrome browser rendering
    • The Google Chrome browser appears to have developed a reduced quality render of VM desktop streams possibly due to a recent update to the browser.
    • While we continue to investigate and identify the cause of the issue we are promoting the following browsers as alternatives in case the reduced quality is a prohibitive issue for some users.
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Microsoft Edge (new, Chromium-based)
  • 8/28/2020 - Windows 10 Image Issue
    • A recently reported issue with the Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation image has prompted its replacement
    • A system evaluation found no obvious cause and the image was assumed to have been corrupted.
    • The replacement image "Windows 10 (2004) Enterprise EVAL" offers the same functionality and the same 90-day evaluation license as before.