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Online Virtual Networking Lab

  • An Open Source project to create an online lab environment for networking students.
  • ACEITLab provides Students the ability to create, configure, and control remote virtual resources such as VMs, Networks, Volumes, and Snapshots.
  • Although this project is aimed at BYOD users and 'cross-browser' support has been embraced as a necessary element of that, we still recommend Google's Chrome web browser for the most tested and supported experience.
  • Students should ask their Professor for an account.



Monday May 10th - 18:20

  • Immediate issues arose during the early phase of transition to the newer platform and as a result, we decided to roll back.
  • Targeted testing will resume and another scheduled maintenance window will be announced in due course.



Monday May 10th - 18:00 to 22:00

  • ACEITLab will be migrating to an updated platform (0.9.3) intended to improve stability and security. This is an overdue and necessary action and is being performed between active semesters at Broward College to reduce potential impact on Faculty and Students. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Chrome browser rendering

  • A previous update of the Google Chrome web browser resulted in a quality degradation in a VM's console view.
  • It has been noted the the most recent update for the Chrome browser has rectified this and so we revert to encouraging users to default to the Chrome browser where possible for the best possible code compatibility and stability with ACEITLab.
  • Other browsers continue to operate as expected, and no other reports of inconsistencies from any alternative browser have been received.